Commercial Solar PV

With the ever rising prices electricity across Australia, and the reduction in the cost of solar PV materials globally, there has never been a better time to take advantage of installing a solar PV embedded generation system at your business premises.


Solar PV systems not only reduce your energy bills, but also provide a carbon neutral and sustainable means of generating your own power, protecting your business from the inevitable increases in electricity costs, while helping to reduce CO2 emissions in the global aim to reducing the effects of excessive global warming.


Our solar team have years of experience in designing and installing quality commercial solar PV systems globally, from a residential property to a large scale commercial project our team can provide the solution that you are looking for. We are also able to offer a range of finance services that can provide the capital required to make your project a reality


We pride ourselves on only installing tried and tested brands, with a reputation for providing quality and long lasting system components. By doing this we ensure that your investment will perform as intended, last for the intended life span, giving you the piece of mind that you deserve.


For a free no obligation consultation please contact our offices today. Our experienced staff will discuss your requirements and analyse the suitability of your premises for the installation of a commercial Solar PV system. We will arrange to carry out a full detailed site survey, and to carry out energy analysis of your home/businesses energy usage to ensure that we offer the most cost effective solution available. As part of our service we can offer a full energy analysis of your premises energy usage, from this we can establish the most cost effective commercial Solar PV system. A full detailed feasibility will then be produced based on our findings, including simulated system yields using a tier one simulation software, utilizing 10 years’ worth of weather data for your location. On many occasions with current energy prices, and the huge solar irradiation levels across Australia we are seeing investment payback periods of sub 5 years!!


Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and to obtain your free no obligation feasibility. Let Concept Electrical & Solar help your business move towards energy autonomy, a green, and sustainable future.



If you are looking for a reliable, experienced & licensed, insured electrician or solar PV specialist, dont delay, contact us today.