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South Australia the first state in Australia to be powered entirely by renewable energy

Posted By Neil Keane - Managing Director  
22:03 PM

On Sunday 11th of October 2020, the ABC news announced that "South Australia was entirely powered by solar alone for a period of just over an hour". This itself is not only a great achievement for South Australia, but has to set precedent for not only the other Australian states, but ALL other countries around the globe.

This milestone for South Australia shows that the goal of net zero is not only achievable, but is very much achievable in just a few short years that SA have been focusing on renewables. On top of that this comes not long after it was announced that solar power is now one of the the cheapest forms of energy available globally!

So why is it that we are still using coal and other fossil fuels to provide power? Is it that we are actually in the position that our transmission and distribution networks "can't handle 100% renewables"? Or is that we just simply are not doing enough to move towards net zero like we know that we have to?

Solar (amongst other renewables) not only provides a clean and sustainable energy generation in a time of necessity, but in the right circumstances, also provide a substantial return on investment. So why aren't more consumers taking the plunge? And why are the government not doing more to achieve net zero and help prevent the current crisis in relation to climate change?

The ABC news article can be found here: