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Consultancy, Design & Auditing

Concept Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd are also able to provide design and consultancy services for our customers.

Our in-house engineering capability and years of experience in designing and installing quality solar PV systems across Australia provides us with the valuable knowledge in the field.

Our engineers have been involved in designing solar PV systems in countries around the globe and have vast knowledge and experience in designing quality functional systems to meet with the needs of our clients.

Our team can provide the following solutions for our clients:

Initial assessments and feasibility studies (including energy analysis and export calculations)

We provide initial investigations and feasibility assessment services which are crucial for clients considering solar to ascertain the technical and financial risks and benefits of adding renewable energy technology to their business.

Solar PV system out simulations (using leading industry software – PV Syst)

As part of the process we will carry out detailed simulations to accurate estimate what the expected out of the system would be with all of the set parameters applicable. This enables an accurate financial assessment to be completed as part of the feasibility sturdy of the system.


Sketch Up and AutoCAD design capability

Our design engineers will complete professional drawings to compliment the other professional solutions that form part of our service


RFQ documentation and system specifications for tender purposes

CES will provide Request for Quotation (RFQ) document development and Evaluation services post receipt of the quotations and proposal from providers. We will ensure that the RFQ process is comprehensive, competitive, compliant and provides the optimal results for our clients.

Independent inspections for auditing purposes

In addition to our other professional services we are able to provide professional auditing services post project completion, this ensures that our clients receive what has been sold to them and that the standard of the works provided is high quality and compliant with all relevant Australian Standards and Codes of Practice.




Solar is a very technical industry and as such can be very confusing, our team of experts will take the guess work out of your project, and minimise the risk. We will work with you to ensure that not only are you getting the solution that you need, but that the system is installed inline with the specification and requirements of the project.

A quality system needs minimal ongoing maintenance and reduces the lifetime operational costs of the system, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.



For further details relating to our professional services, please contact us today.

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