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EV Charging Solutions

At Concept Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd have always been very excited about new innovative technologies, such as electric vehicles.

With the ferocious rise of Tesla and most of the other car manufacturers focusing their attention on developing new electric vehicle technologies, it is needless to say that EVs will be the transport of the future. As such we know the importance of finding good reliable electric vehicle charging solutions to provide power to those vehicles.

Electric vehicles not only provide an environmental advantage over their fossil fuel powered competition, but we are also seeing huge savings with regards to the ongoing operating costs due to the cost of the fuel (or re-charging in the case of Electric Vehicles).

We pride ourselves with finding and providing high end reliable solutions for our customers, that both last and provide value for money.

Although we are not exclusive to any one manufacturer and can provide the preferential solution for our customers, with have aligned ourselves with the following Brands due to their known capabilities and quality of product:

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