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Our Mission

At Concept Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd, it is our mission to bring clean, sustainable energy and related technology to the masses. Over the past few years in Australia, it has become very apparent that we have some serious issues in relation to the environment and climate change. Our aim is to make it possible for every home and business around Australia to have access to new innovative technologies that can both help in the fight against climate change and provide a financial cost saving in the process. 

Our founder and current CEO, Neil Keane, developed a keen interest in sustainable and scalable renewable technologies over a decade ago. He could see then that there were huge benefits to renewable energy and innovative electrical technologies that are being constantly developed. He vowed to do everything that he could to help with the transition from fossil fuel generation technologies to a clean and sustainable energy future….

And in 2015, Concept Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd was born!


We pride ourselves on providing second to none quality solar PV, Electrical and Electric Vehicle Charging solutions to our customers. Our aim is to be renowned within the industry for our quality, professionalism and passion for what we do……


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